Litoria caerulea White

("Indonesian") White's Tree Frog, Dumpy Tree Frog

This is a large, hardy and cute green tree frog from Southern Irian Jaya, Indonesia and Australia. The Australian and Indonesian White's tree frogs are slightly different in shape and coloration but they are still considered the same species at the present time. Maximum size is about 150 mm. snout-vent length for the Indonesian as opposed to 100 mm. listed for the common Australian type in the market (although some Queensland types are supposed to reach 150 mm. also).


Although they are docile and peaceful-looking frogs, given half a chance they WILL eat any other animal that will fit in their mouths.


Larger individuals grow fat layers on their heads that give them the characteristic "dumpy" look. Young ones are slender and can look completely different than adults.


While most Litoria caerulea are plain green in color, some have spots on their backs.


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