Rhacophorus reinwardti Schlegel, 1840

Java Flying Frog, Gliding Frog or Parachute Frog

This species is one of the unique gliding amphibians that inhabit the Asian region. Indonesia has at least 4 species of gliding frogs (R. reinwardti, R. pardalis, R. georgii and R. nigropalmatus)


Fig 1: A nice male will sometimes have the black and blue on the side of his torso.


Fig 2: A pair in amplexus, ready to start  a foam nest.


Fig 3: Sometimes they can change their general body color to very light or very dark green but populations seem to be lighter than others. This one is a specimen from Central Java.


Fig 4: Here is a 1.5 cm long froglet with the stub of the tail still visible.


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